The Great Emerging Market Policy Experiment

Dr. Murat Ulgen, HSBC’s Global Head of Emerging Markets Research, shares an analysis to EM's policy response to the COVID shock.

Many Emerging Market economies are facing some of the biggest challenges of the modern era due to COVID-19. EM policy responses mirror Developed Market expansionary efforts, but EM-specific side effects could increase the risks ahead (GEMs Investor: April 2020).

Guest speaker, Dr. Murat Ulgen, HSBC’s Global Head of Emerging Markets Research, assesses the prospects of Emerging Markets and analyze the potential consequences of mirroring Developed Markets.

Watch this replay to learn about:

  • EM’s policy response to the COVID-19 shock and how it differs from the past
  • The risks to EM recovery and side effects of mirroring DM economic policy
  • How to differentiate among the more resilient and vulnerable markets


Watch the replay


Murat Ulgen (2)

Dr. Murat Ulgen
Global Head of Emerging Markets Research

Dr. Murat Ulgen joined HSBC in April 2006 as the Chief Economist for Turkey. Before joining HSBC, he held several sell-side economist and strategist positions in London and Istanbul, covering more than 15 emerging market countries in that time zone. In December 2009, Dr. Ulgen was appointed HSBC's Chief Economist for Central & Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Ulgen holds a doctorate degree in finance and has also lectured at several Turkish universities on economics and international finance. Dr. Ulgen was appointed HSBC's Global Head of Emerging Markets Research in June 2014.


Joe Hill

Joe Hill

Joe joined AlphaSense as CFO this February with over 25 years of international business management experience, previously having held positions as CFO and Board Member in the high-tech and bio-tech industries, including at Greenway Health, Monotype, Metabilox, Inc., AMICAS, Inc. and other world class organizations.



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