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Institutional investors expect C-level executives and investor relations staff to know all key business themes and metrics for their industries and supply chains.

AlphaSense, a web-based search engine, prepares you for every conversation with intelligent search technology that helps you instantly find critical data points buried in SEC and global filings, broker research, earnings call and conference transcripts, investor relations presentations, press releases (public & private companies), news ... plus industry and trade journals — even web clippings and your own, uploaded content.

Use AlphaSense in a browser or on a mobile device and get these key advantages:

    • Search across millions of indexed documents for any keywords
    • Receive email alerts on your saved searches
    • Use Smart Synonyms to automatically include related synonyms
    • Highlight or annotate any content; download a digest of your notes
    • Upload your own content, sync drives or connect Evernote – AlphaSense will index it and make it searchable
    • Extract tables from SEC filings and broker reports directly into Excel
    • Web Clipper -- clip web pages to be searched alongside other content

Significantly speed up your research process and uncover critical data points that others miss.

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