The Buy-Side’s Secret Weapon for MiFID II Challenges


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MiFID II changed everything for the buy-side. And due to the global nature of operations and client access, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a European firm or not.

With the new regulations, you need to:

  • Justify all research consumed

  • Reconcile budgets and activities

  • Provide clear audit trails.

It’s complex, expensive, and time-consuming.

AlphaSense is already used by hundreds of asset managers, hedge funds, and investment firms for our AI-powered search – allowing the buy-side to find necessary financial data quickly from prized content like broker research, public and private company data, and news.

Now, these same clients are finding even more value as they comply with new regulations. The AlphaSense platform provides clear standardized reporting and data. 

You can try to build it. Or you can use the preeminent business insights platform and stop focusing on administrative work – and get back to focusing on creating alpha, winning clients, and beating the competition.

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