Innovation in Market Intelligence

How AI-based enterprise search is accelerating speed to insights - with Frost & Sullivan

Countless decisions are made every day by enterprises that lack the ability to uncover critical information from fragmented and unstructured information. These enterprises are at risk of missing data that would impact business-altering decisions, like pivoting due to a competitive threat or prioritizing product development.

In 2019, Frost & Sullivan performed a comprehensive analysis of the AI-based search and market intelligence space. They found that enterprises across sectors find it difficult to make decisions given the amount of tough-to-search information available today... And there is a solution.

Watch this webinar to learn how modern market intelligence is enabling better, more accurate decision making. You'll learn to:

  • Simplify the research process without missing critical information
  • Search and uncover industry-specific data points across thousands of content sets in seconds
  • Accelerate speed to insight throughout the research process and across your organization

Additionally, you’ll learn why AlphaSense was named the market leader and how it’s being leveraged by more than 1,000 organizations.

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Dhiraj Badgujar-2

Dhiraj Badgujar
Dhiraj is a Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan with expertise in tracking disruptive innovations and providing strategic insights on disruptive technologies, covering AI, 5G, Blockchain, and Big Data. He previously consulted in the TMT sector and holds his masters in telecom management from Aegis School of Business & Telecommunications.


Kiva Kolstein
Kiva is AlphaSense's President & Chief Revenue Officer. He carries 20+ years of experience building high-growth companies, including Handshake & Percolate. Beyond his leadership at AlphaSense, Kiva is a founding member of Revenue Collective, member of Vistage, and Venwise, and regularly acts as a consultant to portfolio companies.

Alea Headshot 2

Alea Homison
Alea is VP of Sales Strategy at AlphaSense. She owns development and acceleration of talent across the sales and service organization. Alea specializes in building GTM strategies and managing high performing teams. She has experience in corporate strategy, investment banking, and holds an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.


AlphaSense is the premier market intelligence platform

AlphaSense is a market intelligence search engine for corporations and investment firms. The platform allows knowledge professionals to rapidly and accurately search the world’s most valuable business and market information, including broker research, call transcripts, company reports, news, and trade journals.

AlphaSense’s groundbreaking search technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, surfaces the most relevant, comprehensive results by accurately recognizing millions of business and financial terms and their synonyms, as well as companies, industries, topics, and trends. Leveraging AlphaSense, corporations are able to rapidly make data-driven decisions with confidence to stay ahead of the competition.

See why AlphaSense is currently used by over 1,000 enterprise customers, including more than 50% of the S&P 100 corporations and over 66% of the 50 largest global investment firms. 

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