The Shape of the Recovery: Outlook for the Global Economy

Torsten Slok, Chief Economist at Deutsche Bank Securities, shares an analysis of the outlook for the global economy and financial markets.

Policymakers are trying to flatten the virus curve and the economic recession curve while restoring calm to financial markets. Where are we against these three priorities, and what is the outlook for the US, Europe, Japan, and Emerging Markets?

Guest speaker, Torsten Slok, Chief Economist, DB Securities, joins us to discuss the shape of the recovery and analyze the factors that will result in slower or faster economic growth over the coming quarters.

Watch the replay to see Torsten present his research on:

  • The shape of the global economic recovery: Will it be V, U, L, or W-shaped?
  • The consequences of COVID-19 for supply chains and the global business environment
  • The consequences of significant growth in the Fed, ECB, and BoE balance sheets, and the significant increase in government debt levels
  • The implications of COVID-19 for inflation

Watch the replay



Torsten Slok
Chief Economist
Deutsche Bank Securities

Torsten Slok is Chief Economist and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York. He joined Deutsche Bank Securities in the fall of 2005, and his team has been top-ranked by Institutional Investor in fixed income and equities since 2010, including #1 in 2019. Prior to joining the firm, he worked at the OECD in Paris and the IMF in Washington DC.



Rick Scanlon
Founding Partner
Innovation Endeavors

Rick Scanlon is a founding partner at Innovation Endeavors, a venture capital firm co-founded by Eric Schmidt. During his career, Rick has been a lead investor in numerous category leading and disruptive companies including AirAsia (IPO), Yext (IPO), Datorama (acquired by Salesforce), Youku-Tudou (IPO then acquired by Alibaba), Tufin (IPO),  Dynamic Yield (acquired by McDonalds), Baozun (IPO), and Belle International (IPO).  Currently, Rick is a lead investor and serves on the boards of Taboola, AlphaSense, TuneIn, Vertical Knowledge, and Tubular Labs among other companies.



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