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Dow 30 companies Use AlphaSense

AlphaSense is a "SCIP Endorsed Product" indicating that it has met or exceeded the standards as set forth by the association and its membership.


AlphaSense is an easy-to-use, web-based search engine that includes proprietary sophisticated tagging and advanced linguistic algorithms layered on a database of millions of indexed documents.

It was voted "Best Analytics Product," and "Best Research Platform" and users include more than 800 of the world’s largest investment firms and corporations.

JP MorganOracle

Pfizer Credit Suisse

AlphaSense helps you to quickly and efficiently find what you need...

AlphaSense is a web-based search engine that helps you uncover critical intel about your competitors that you might otherwise miss. Save countless hours with intelligent search technology that instantly finds critical data points buried in broker research, investor relations presentations, earnings call and conference transcripts, SEC and global filings, press releases (public & private companies), news ... plus industry and trade journals — even web clippings and your own, uploaded content.

Use AlphaSense in a browser or on a mobile device and get these key advantages:

  • Search across millions of indexed documents for any keywords
  • Receive email alerts on your saved searches
  • Use Smart Synonyms™ to automatically include related synonyms
  • Highlight or annotate any content; download a digest of your notes
  • Upload your own content, sync drives or connect Evernote – AlphaSense will index it and make it searchable
  • Extract tables from SEC filings and broker reports directly into Excel
  • Web Clipper -- clip web pages to be searched alongside other content

Significantly speed up your research process and uncover critical data points that others miss.

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Here's what AlphaSense users say:

What would have taken 2 days took 2 hours. This is the coolest thing ever! I’m pretty fired up! 

AlphaSense is a great tool for getting up to speed on new companies and an industry very quickly. 

I saw a friend using AlphaSense at a conference and was intrigued. Every time I asked for specific information on a company, he literally had it in 3 seconds. Now I understand how! 

AlphaSense client satisfaction ratings are off the charts — the highest we’ve ever seen. And, we’ve been in business for 25 years and work with half of the Fortune 500 companies. 
- Brian Rivel, President, Rivel Research Group