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AlphaSense is an intelligent search engine that gives you access to a database of millions of indexed content sets, including broker reports, global filings, transcripts, IR presentations, press releases (public & private companies), news, trade journals, web pages and your own content. Layered over that database is a search engine unlike anything you've seen before.

AlphaSense empowers you to search across all that content at once, view results on one screen and find what others miss.

66% of the world's largest equity-focused hedge funds use AlphaSense to:


  • Leverage intelligent search technology to automatically capture synonyms
  • Bookmark, highlight and annotate any content; download a digest of your findings
  • Set alerts on favorite searches and receive a notification with text snippets
  • Upload your own content, sync drives, clip web pages or connect Evernote – AlphaSense will index it and make it searchable
  • Seamlessly export tables from AlphaSense directly into Excel
  • Compare 10Ks and Qs with the industry's best Blackline reports


See for yourself why our clients consistently tell us that they're 10X as productive with AlphaSense and how you can use new technology to help you find what matters ... fast.

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